13 Powerful Elements of Visualization (epub, English)

Tephanie Delaney

Self help,Religion, spirituality


Unlock the Power Your Subconscious Mind Keep Hidden Away! Master the Art of Visualization With the Help of This Incredible Beginner's Guide. Would you like to: • Learn the art of visualization? • Awaken the power sleeping inside you? • Become mindful, perceptive, and successful person? Brain studies revealed that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. Thoughts are creating mental imagery that influences the cognitive processes in the brain, and it trains your mind for the actual performance. Since the realization of its power, successful people of all professions are mastering visualization techniques. The practice prepares you for success by motivating the power of the subconscious mind, priming your brain for the desired outcome. 13 Powerful Elements of Visualization is a powerful guide to understanding the principles of the practice. This book will take you on a path to prepare yourself and to implement visualization into your everyday life. Here's what you can find in this incredible book: • Easy mind exercises: Follow the mind exercises made by experts and set up yourself on a path to success. • Way to unlock the power: Find out how to unlock the hidden power of your mind and reach full potential. • Guide on visualization techniques: Follow the easy step-by-step guide designed for beginners, and start mastering the art of visualization. • Visualization for every day: Discover how to implement visualization in your everyday life easier. • Path to success: Learn how to motivate your subconscious mind and prime your brain for the desired outcome. Successful people all over the world are becoming masters of visualization, so what are you waiting for? With this book in your hands, you will become master the art of visualization in no time. Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

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